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The mission of Alignment Made Easy is to help golfers of all levels take their games to the next level.  AME helps you get the most out of your practice allowing you to get better in less time.  

AME was developed because of the importance of club face alignment. Professional golfers are constantly working on their alignment when they practice.  If their alignment is off they will have to alter their swing to make the ball go where they want.  The latest golf technology has proven that the club face, not the club path, is responsible for the direction the golf ball starts.  Setting up with the club face aimed at your starting line is extremely important.  The driver face angle at impact is 85% responsible for the direction the ball starts.  The iron face angle is 75% and a putter face is 90%.  The club path has a small impact on the ball starting direction, but is mostly responsible for the curve of the golf ball.  Learning how to aim your club face where you want will drastically improve your consistency and understanding of what your golf shots mean. 

When practicing full shots with AME it's easy to practice knowing you're aimed right where you want.  Putting the target line right in front of you will train your eyes and brain where the target is.  This will allow you to feel which way the club path needs to travel to hit fades, draws, and straight shots.  You will also learn from the direction the ball starts and the way the ball curves.  As a general rule the ball starts where the club face is aimed and curves because of the club path.  To hit a perfect fade the club face would need to be left of the target and the club path would need to travel slightly left of where the club face is aimed. 

A key element to hitting accurate shots is having your head stay centered when you swing.  You don't want your head to shift horizontally during your back swing.  The AME club face guide will allow you to see if your head moves left or right when you take the club back. 

Your short game will also improve for the same reasons..  When you practice your short game with AME you will consistently aim your club face where you want the ball to land. 

For professional golfers, putting set up and alignment is extremely important when they practice.  They are constantly checking their club face and eye alignment to make sure they are aimed square to their starting line.  They also check if their eyes are directly over the ball, inside of the ball, or too far over the ball.  Most professionals want their eyes either directly over the ball or slightly inside of the ball. 

AME easily converts from a full swing to a putting set up. Practicing your putting with AME will allow you to practice with consistency.  You will see where your putter face is aimed and where your eyes are in relation to the ball.  Aiming your eyes down the starting line is also important and AME will show you if your eyes are aimed where you want.