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I came up with About Usthe idea for the Alignment Made Easy golf training aid while playing college golf at Oregon State University.  I knew the importance of alignment and always practiced with clubs or alignment sticks on the ground to work on my alignment. The alignment sticks were great for my feet, but they didn't show me where my club face was aimed when I practiced.  I noticed that many college golfers were using alignment sticks, but many still allowed their club face to fan open and aim to the right.  I understood how important the club face was to starting the ball online so I decided to make something on my own so I could practice with a consistent set up. My goals when creating the training aid were to allow you to see where the club face is aimed, hit off of grass, make it easy to use when you practice, and make it light weight and small enough to fit in your golf bag.  After making a working prototype and seeing how much it improved golfer's games I decided to manufacture the training aid to help as many golfers as possible.  After many prototypes and years of hard work AME's patented design is now available to take your game to the next level.

Why Is The Club Face So Important?

Within the past few years, golf ball tracking devices such as Trackman have proven that the club face is mostly responsible for the direction in which the golf ball starts, not the swing path. For years, instructors believed that the path of club was mostly responsible for the direction in which the ball starts.  You now hear the term "new ball flight laws" because the "old ball flight laws" had some flaws. Once you learn to aim your club face the consistency of your shots will improve dramatically.  

  • The Driver Face Angle at Impact is 85% Responsible for the Golf Balls Starting Direction
  • The Iron Face Angle at Impact is 75% Responsible for the Golf Balls Starting Direction

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    Aiming In Golf Is More Difficult Than Other Target Oriented Sports

    Learning to aim the golf club can be extremely challenging.  In most target oriented sports you stand in a direct line with your target, but in golf, you have to look down and stand to the side of the ball and target line which makes learning to aim something you need to constantly practice. 

    The first priority is to get your alignment set and then adjust your swing if the ball isn't going where you want. You don't want to be adjusting your alignment to get the ball going online. The goal is to develop a consistent process and part of that process is aiming the club face where you want the ball to start.  

    "The best golf shot in the world, really doesn't make any difference, if it isn't aimed at the target." -Jack Nicklaus

    AME teaches you how to aim your club face at your target or starting line. Many of the games greatest players like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus pick an intermediate target right in front of the ball to aim their club at. They aim their club face at the intermediate target first and then align their body based on the shot they want to hit.  

    When you practice with AME you can train yourself what it feels like to aim your club face at an intermediate target. Learning to set up with proper alignment will drastically improve your game!    

    AME Is A Lot More Than An Alignment Training Aid

    While I set out to create a club face alignment aid, the design turned into so much more. If you look at the swings of the best ball strikers on tour you will see that the majority of them keep their heads centered during their swing.  The head may move up and down a little, but there is almost no movement horizontally.   

    AME will show you if your head sways right or left during your swing. The club face guide will appear to move if you sway to the right or if you reverse weight shift to the left.  Learn to swing without the guide moving and you will be hitting the most pure shots of your life.

    Watch This Video To Learn More About Swinging Around Your Center 

    To make your game even better, practicing with the target line right in front of you gives you a feel for how to control your swing path. If you're trying to hit draws or fades you need to get your club path traveling to the right or to the left of your club face and AME gives you a feel for how to do that.  

    Watch This Video To Learn More About How To Hit Fades And Draws

    AME Transforms Into An Amazing Putting Training Aid

    As I continued developing AME I realized that it could be set up as a putting training aid. As golfers tested the AME putting set up it was amazing to see how quickly their putting strokes improved. AME trains you to square the putter face, get your eyes over the ball or slightly inside the ball, and to keep your head still during your stroke.   


    While not a ball flight law, aiming the putter face at your starting line is a must to make a lot of putts.

    • The Putter Face Angle at Impact is 90% Responsible for the Golf Balls Starting Direction 

    You can set up AME with or without rails when you practice.  If you want to work on your path adding the two black rods as rails makes a great practice set up.  

    AME Short Game 

    This is where you can really shave strokes off your game and AME is a great training aid to help you improve your short game.  Since you know the club face is responsible for starting direction, and most short shots don't curve, you need to be aiming your club face where you want the ball to land. Once you have your club face aimed you want to make sure your head stays centered during the swing.  Just like in the full swing and putting, the club face guide will appear to move if your head moves horizontally when you swing. 

    You can use any of the AME set ups to start getting it up and down more often.

    AME Guarantee

    As you can see AME is an extremely versatile training aid.  We are so sure that it will improve your game that it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.  If after 60 days you don't feel AME is helping, send it back for a full refund.